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Research Proposal 10/19/2010

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Over the semester, I have blogged several times about Meadows’ visual representation of systems. Her simple diagrams lack the visual depth required of complex systems, interconnections, and loops. For my research project, I hope to create an parametric, virtual way of visualizing complex systems in a way that makes systems diagrams accessible, interactive, and dynamic.

Ultimately, I’d like to explore connections between Grasshopper, Excel, and GIS to create a dynamic map of the city that reveals systems interactions (between weather, urban form, circulation, etc.).[1] These maps might suggest the form of future developments as well as reveal potential secondary and tertiary flows at play.

After studying the precedents of this kind of work, I’d like to create my own map—perhaps of Les Halles in Paris—where I have done a lot of research on historic urban form. By critiquing and assessing Meadows’ way of representing systems, I will be able to introduce systems analysis into my own research and designs.


[1] Earlier in the semester, I scripted a bridge from Microsoft Excel to Grasshopper that can update data in real time. Since GIS can export data as an Excel file, Grasshopper can then process and manipulate the data to create form.


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October 19, 2010 at 5:04 pm

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