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Life as a Waterman 10/7/2010

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In the Bay Game, I decided to play as an income-obsessed fisherman bent on dredging and potting as many crab as possible. I set my initial Life Balances Metrics at: economy-50%, environment-20%, and quality of life-30%. I purchased a new boat on my first turn. Since our water regulator spent the first few rounds restricting dredging and potting to 2,000 crab per season, my unwavering 100% potting and dredging left me with minimal yields. However, I managed to reach total assetts of $751,075 by 2020.In terms of my Life Balance Metrics, I ended with 4137 since my economic goal never rose above 30. Ultimately, water regulations inhibited my “life goal” of becoming a fishing baron.

I’ll post more reactions to the Bay Game over the weekend.


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October 7, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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